About Us

You get it dirty, that's your business. We know how to clean it. We make you look better! For over 40 years, our family has helped companies throughout our great country extend equipment life and enhance brand image. 

We listen to our customers. With that said, our products are unique in performance and value. We keep it simple. We are knowledgeable, honest and put the customer first. We have a passion for helping others succeed in business! 

Who We Are

Patti Lorenz - President / Owner

The wonderful full circle of life! Patti started at AT&T as a budget anaylist, then was blessed to stay home with her two children, then enjoyed being a personal trainer for 10 years & finally has circled back to becoming the President & Owner of Gateway Chemical LLC. Patti loves all sports and has recently competed in golf at the National Senior Games. 

Doug Lorenz - Sales Executive

Doug has a passion for helping you look good. Whether cleaning a few trucks or developing an enhanced brand image program. Doug's industrial chemical experience spans 4 decades; 33 years in sales management and leadership & most recently he spent 6+ years along side his son, Matt, developing, manufacturing and distributing quality industrial chemicals.

Matt Lorenz - Sales

Matt has 6+ years of chemical manufacturing and operations experience. Everything from formulating, batching, packaging, inventory management and customer service. Matt has learned the full spectrum of a chemical company. He is excited to use his knowledge and assist our customers as a salesman.